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Women’s Sports Foundation Celebrates Title IX Anniversary at the White House

Today is the 37th Anniversary of the Title IX – the legislation that has been so monumental in womens’ and girls’ sports participation. In celebration, the Women’s Sports Foundation will be holding a live roundtable discussion at the White House. You can join it live at

Additionally, the WSF put together a video featuring seven outstanding female athletes (like Natalie Coughlin and Jennie Finch) in celebration of Title IX’s anniversary:

Opportunities in sports are so important for our girls! The lessons they learn through sports make them such better citizens, develops self esteem, fitness, and empowers them in all aspects of their lives.

How has Title IX benefited your participation in sports?

In celebration of Title IX, I would like to share some of my favorite women’s sports websites with you:

  • Women Talk Sports
  • Because I Played Sports
  • Pretty Tough
  • Girls Are Champions
  • On Being a Sports Girl
  • Women Like Sports
  • Womens Sports Blog
  • Women’s Sports Nation

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