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Video: Lindsey Vonn Works Out

Ever wonder what Olympic athletes do for basic conditioning and strength training? Check out this exclusive Under Armour Workout video of U.S. Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

Personally, my favorite exercise in there is the medicine ball toss she is doing with her trainer while lying on her side. That exercise engages so many of the lesser used, but very important core muscles that Lindsey needs for making split second lateral adjustments as she is racing down the slopes. The other exercise that she has in her workout that looks so hard but perfect for her sport is the skier squats she is doing on the large balance ball towards the end.

It is always fun to get a behind the scenes look at our favorite athletes! Thanks to Lindsey and Under Armour for sharing this with all of us.



Hey Char,
The great news is that many Junior Olympian girl athletes
do alot of these same rountines and excercises. I love watching girls work hard for sport! Go Lindsey

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