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USA Women’s Soccer Team: Out of Mia’s Shadow and Into the Hearts of a New Generation

Something tells me that when the USA vs Brazil Women’s Soccer game kicked off earlier this week, no one imagined how HUGE the game would prove to be. And with the kickoff of the semi-final game against France just moments away, I can’t help but think that this amazing team of women has done more for women’s soccer in one week than has been accomplished since Mia Hamm retired her cleats. Mia and women’s soccer have been synonymous for years, but names like Hope (Solo) and Abby (Wambach) are bringing the passion, excitement, athleticism, and determination to a new generation of girls and for that we thank them! Not just Hope and Abby, but the entire US Women’s Team and their coaches.

In case you missed it, here are highlights from the epic comeback of the US Team against Brazil.

If you have not been consumed by this US Women’s Soccer Fever yet, I dare you not to watch the coverage of the game – it is as exciting as any Superbowl, any Stanley Cup Game or Olympic Swimming Relay – seriously! Go tune in now at ESPN or and catch the soccer bug!

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