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UC Davis Lady Aggies: An Underdog Story

ucdavis-lacrosse When it comes to college lacrosse, no one ever anticipated the UC Davis Women’s Club lacrosse team to become a championship team. In fact, when they entered The US Lacrosse Women’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association Division I National Championship Tournament, no one really even gave them a second look, and years before, they had trouble even getting bids.

Initially, the UC Davis team didn’t have much going for them. As a young club of only four years and frequent losers, lacrosse enthusiasts didn’t have much faith in the team and were sure they would be out of the upcoming tournament just as quickly as they entered it.

However, the women of the Aggies weren’t ready to hang up their cleats for the season.

Instead of giving up, the team laced up their lacrosse footwear and headed to the tournament to see if they couldn’t finally get a bid to the Nationals. Ranked 10th, the UC Davis Aggies were expected to be knocked out in the first round by Texas. However, they won, and by doing so started a trend that would upset an entire tournament. Soon after, UC Davis came back from a 5-point deficit to beat UC Santa Barbara, ranked #2, in overtime. Facing third ranked Michigan, prospects didn’t look so good. However, the Aggie women won in overtime, and packed their bags for the National Championship.

Although they were headed to play Colorado State, reigning champions coming from a 14-game winning streak, the ladies of UC Davis were ready to take on the challenge.

“We prepared for that game,” stated senior UC Davis attacker, Lauren Colby. “We dissected their defense and we knew exactly what we had to do to win.”

The Aggies fought hard, and were able to bring themselves to a 8-7 lead in the second half. With 13 minutes left in the game, they fought hard to keep the ball in their possession for 12 of those minutes. Their well executed stalling, as well as their superb defense, allowed them to win – in full movie-like fashion.

While lacrosse enthusiasts are generally apt to follow the lacrosse fields trampled by men’s cleats, anyone who loves the sport, missed out on an epic match if they didn’t follow the underdog story of the Aggie’s this year. Not only did the team seem to come from nowhere, they truly exhibited the qualities of a great club in the making. In addition to winning the National Championship title, the team also received several well-earned All-Division I team honors. Even though seven of the team’s seniors graduate this year, there is no doubt that women’s lacrosse will continue to see great things from the Aggies in the future.

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