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Track Mom: Everything Youth Track and Field

Track Mom: Everything on Youth Track and Field

Thanks to Lorraine for stopping in and leaving a comment yesterday. Her website is called Track Mom and it covers everything about youth track and field. From competition reports, training tips, nutrition and parenting insights, Track Mom covers it all!

Her article called 10 Ways to be a Great Track Parent is full of sound tips that carry over to being a great parent in any sport. My favorites:

  1. Encourage fun and doing their best, not just winning.No one wins all the time,no one.
  2. Actively work to undrestand the sport your child is particpating in. (Yes there are parents that don’t know a 100m from 200m)
  3. Don’t rate your child’s sucess on winning or losing
  4. Help out with needs of your child’s team. Children love when their parents help and hate to always see someone elses parent helping.
  5. Provide the right competive situation for your youth athlete. (Rightly assess your childs abilty, if in doubt ask some one like a coach who can give insight.)

Catch the whole list plus more great articles by visiting Track Mom for yourself!

If you have a website that focuses on youth sports (especially girls sports), please leave a comment and let us know! Additionally, if you are a parent or coach of a youth sport and have a story, advice, or something to share with the Sports Girls Play community, we’d love to have you!! Just leave a comment and I’ll be in touch with you.

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