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Tips for Keeping a Training Journal

If you talk to successful high level athletes, many of them will tell you that keeping a training journal is one of their keys to success. At one of our recent competitions, former Olympian Dominique Dawes spoke with the athletes during a special gymnasts only party. One of the things she recommended to the girls was to keep a journal – for both training and competition purposes. She told the girls that journaling helped her keep track of goals, identify potential injuries and stress early on, and keep her eye on her target.

Here are a few tips for keeping a journal:

Buy a spiral bound or writers notebook in a fun, funky print – or what ever suits your style. If the notebook is appealing to you, you will have more fun writing in it.

Inside the journal log the season, your goals, and an inspirational quote. My favorite one is “A goal without a plan is just a WISH”. The journal will help you develop and track your plan to reach your goal.

After practices and meets, take a few moments to jot down your thoughts about practice. Did you have a goal? How did your body feel? What did you eat beforehand? How about after? Did anything unusual happen? Did you accomplish your goal?

At the bottom of your journal entry add a positive statement or another inspirational quote for more motivation.

Keeping your journal should be fun. Add meet mementos and magazine cutouts and the journal will become even more of a keepsake as well as a training tool.

UPDATE: I have created a FREE printable training journal template that you can download and print as needed. Check it out!

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Your always on track Char..Great post! I have Lauren do one for Championships but I think I will start a more regular sports one as well.


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