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Thank You Moms Olympic Commercial

Let me just say that the ads for the Winter Olympics so far are so much better than those for the Superbowl!  My favorite one so far has to be the Proctor and Gamble ad featuring winter sport athletes as little kids – because through the eyes of their Mothers, they will always be little kids. (click on video below to play or view at YouTube)

It truly speaks to the core of my soul as a Mom and a coach. Even though so many of the athletes I coached through the years are all grown up, the memories I have of them as little kids are so precious!

Now where is that box of tissues when I need them?

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This totally just made me cry.


No question that ad struck a major chord. I too am a mom and when I first saw the ad, I replayed it about five times. Funny thing is that while I remember the ad very vividly, I could not tell you off the top of my head what the ad was promoting!!!!!


Moms are really the souls of children because they nurture their kids until they grow up. As times passes and as their children become older they will still need the love and support from their parents. Pass me the tissue please. I love it.


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