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Tan Thru Golf Glove Review

When I first started golfing a few years ago, one of the first things I bought was a golf glove. I bought the standard full length, ladies, leather model that you can find at any local big box sporting goods store. I wore the glove for the past two years and never really gave it a second thought, until…

East Coast Golf Sales approached me about reviewing one of their newer golf gloves – one that lets you tan thru the glove so you don’t end up with funny looking tan lines on one hand after a day on the course (don’t forget sunscreen should still be a must) and this glove was different – it did not cover my fingertips. Interesting.

I took the Ladys First Tan Thru Golf Glove for a test drive last week and I will just say that I may never play with full fingered gloves again! While the tan thru feature is nice, the fabric used to make the tan thru possible is just so breathable and lightweight. The grip side is a very soft leather which gives you the ability to feel the club and grip it well.  And I never would have thought that having my fingertips uncovered would make such a big difference in the comfort of play, but it did. I can only imagine how much more comfortable it will be playing with this glove in July!

Another reason the half finger glove is perfect for so many women golfers, is that if you have long fingernails you don’t have to cram them into a regular glove. You can show off that manicure and not have to mess it up either.

Tan Thru Gloves sell for around $12 and they are available in additional colors and patterns, too. You can order them directly from East Coast Golf Sales which specializes in women’s golf gear.

Disclosure – I received a Ladys First golf glove for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions of the glove are entirely my own.

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