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Success is Not Always Measured in Medals

Success is not always measured in medals. Let me rephrase that. The majority of life’s successes will never be recognized with a medal, award or honor.

In the past week I have been reminded of this statement many times. From the banner that hangs on the wall at the gym we competed at last weekend:

Medals do not make champions, HARD work does.

to my daughter’s performance at her competition last weekend. I was so happy to see her competing new skills – for the first time in one year – that any scores or awards she received were just icing on the cake.

Then there was my youngest daughter’s major accomplishment last night at swim practice – she had the maturity to make it through practice with a different coach who pushed her a little harder than she expected (because he knows she can) and rather than giving up, she swam hard – probably one of her best practices yet.

And at one of my favorite daily reads, Gymnastics Coaching, there were three separate articles this week that highlight the process, not the medals:

Remember, it is the journey rather than the destination that is the true reward in sports (and life).

Have a great weekend!

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That WAS a good week for philosophical articles. I hadn’t noticed myself until you pointed it out.

Keep up the great work on Sports Girls Play. I follow your every post.


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