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Sports Girls Play Go-Getter Award – Blind Gymnast Lola Walters

(Click on the video above to watch it with a 30 second commercial or  click through to watch the 4 minute segment without the commercial on this amazing young athlete!)

Gymnasts are a rare breed. They are tough. They fall and get back up, they fly through the air from bar to bar, vault over inanimate objects that are as big, if not bigger, than they are and they perform complex series of skills on a beam that is 4″ wide and 4′ off the ground. And, they do all of this willingly, day after day!

ABC News did a feature on a gymnast that is even more extraordinary than most of her peers, because she does her gymnastics without being able to see that bar clearly! Eleven year old Lola Walters is legally blind, yet she doesn’t let that stop her from doing the things she loves to do. The Level 6 gymnast relies on her friends to tell her where and when to start her run for vault and she doesn’t even see the board to jump off of until she is about 5 feet from it – that is amazing when you consider most Level 6 gymnasts start their run for vault about 50′-65′ away from the vault.

Lola, you are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the hard work.



Oh my gosh! as a level nine gymnast, i know how hard it is to get out there on that floor and work your tail off day after day, but as someone with perfect vision, I’m speechless. she’s amazing.

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