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Sports Fieldtrip – Take in an NCAA Event

Olympic and NCAA gymnast Courtney Kupets

Courtney Kupets, NCAA Champion Gymnast and former Olympian — photo by Kelly Lambert/Athens Banner-Herald

Looking for ways to keep kids in the sport longer? Try this one – coaches take your team (or parents take your athlete) to a college level game or competition in their sport.  Seriously!

While college sports are a lot of work and there are limited spaces and scholarships available, they are fun and are a viable goal for many high school aged athletes.

In a recent discussion with Megan at Because I Played Sports, we both agree that exposing kids to a variety of levels in their sport is important for helping them decide where they fit in – from a local high school team, division 3 college, junior pro team, to everything in between – and will ultimately help keep kids in sports longer.

Over the weekend a group of gymnasts from our gym went to the NCAA Regional gymnastics meet held at UNC.  In that meet alone they were exposed to a varying level of skill, intensity, and team spirit. I asked some of them what they thought of the meet and they all loved it. However, it was interesting to see how a few of the girls could really relate – they saw gymnasts doing skills they train everyday.

I also think it was helpful for the girls to see that the teams were all different – from the coaching styles, gymnast skill levels, and the overall team chemistry. For some of the girls who are in high school it helped re-energize them – giving them a new goal to work towards.

In addition to the basic benefit of exposure for your athletes, college sports are an excellent entertainment value as ticket prices are usually inexpensive – plus, they are just FUN!

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That is my Courtney Kupets photo. I’d appreciate some credit. Kelly Lambert/Athens Banner-Herald


Kelly – my apologies! I have added your photo credit to the caption. It is a great photo of one of my all time favorite athletes!


Thanks for adding the credit!


My daughter practice at Williamsburg Gymnastics at William and Mary. The college gymnastics meets are free to attend and the girls always have fun running score cards to the judges tables and flashing scores!

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