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Preventing Cheerleading Injuries

As the debate as to whether cheerleading is a sport continues and as cheerleading statistically continues to be considered one of the more dangerous high school sports, it is important to note that many cheerleading injuries can be prevented. STOP Sports Injuries, a campaign started by famous sports professionals and well-known national organizations, has an entire section of their website devoted to sports specific injury prevention, treatment guidelines, videos, and resources. Cheerleading is one of the sports for which they have valuable information for parents, coaches and cheerleaders.

The information available on STOP Sports Injuries that pertains to cheerleading specifically, includes:

  • What types of injuries are most common in cheerleading?
  • How can injuries be prevented?
  • How are cheerleading injuries treated?

Visit the site and download the printable cheerleading injury fact sheet for more information.

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For years AACCA has promoted that Safety is the responsibility of parents who are expected to observe Cheer activities & determine when they are unsafe leading to injuries which can be “Life Altering!”

Dr. F. O. Muller’s data collection & recommendations focus upon:
1. specific data collection recording frequency, severity & cause of injury
2. creation of “Rules & Regulations”
3. Non-Profit National Governing Board (NGB)
4. Professional Coaches training

Until Cheer has a Safety board to establish rules & regulations founded in research and motivated only for participants safety with guidance from the NGB, then Cheer participants will be safe.

Too many Cheer participants have been injured, whatever the reason, 25,000 plus Emergency Room visits deserves to be called a “National Epidemic!”

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