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Pre-Meet Routine

Gymnastics competition hair styleMy daughter has a gymnastics competition today and I noticed that she has developed her own sort of pre-competition routine.

It started last night when all her teammates gathered at the gym to get their hair done. The team moms all do the girls hair in the same style. One thing we have found is that this is a great activity for team building and giving the girls and the moms a chance to get to know each other better. The curlers are under the banadana in case you are wondering.

Then it is a relatively early to bed night followed by a relaxed morning. Luckily we have a mid afternoon session today so there is no rushing. She had a pretty good breakfast and then headed off for her favorite pre-meet activity – a long, warm bath. I think this is what really gets her in the right frame of mind.

In a while, she will put on her competition leotard, warm ups, and pack her gym bag and we will be off. What does she pack in that bag?

  • Ipod – complete with some new favorite songs
  • Good luck stuffed animal
  • Water bottle
  • Healthy snack
  • Change of clothes for after the meet

Does your athlete have a pre-competition routine? Please share!



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Oh wow. Her hair is very interesting. Trying to figure out how the heck you do that. Very nice!!


GM – thanks. This is the first year we have done that style. It is fairly easy to do and it stays in.


Wow that looks great! Do you have any larger photos of hairstyles that you could post or email me? I would love to have some new ways to do my daughter’s hair.


Sharon – this is the only picture I have right now. We may do some new styles this year and I’ll post pictures for sure.


Do you have any more photos?


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