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Observations from the Rink

iceskatingBefore my son’s hockey games every Tuesday, there are a group of girls who have their ice skating lessons. Last night we got there a bit early (unusual) and got to see a few of them going through their programs with the music. I noticed one little girl, she was about 9, with her sparkly jacket and twirly skirt. Her music would start and she attempted a jump. She fell. But she got right back up and got right back to the music continuing her routine. I watched her do this over and over. Jump. Fall down. Get back up. Repeat.

This made me think. One of the best life lessons that sports teach girls is that you can fall down and get right back up in life. We all mistakes, but that is part of the process. Its not how you fall or how often, but it is the ability to get right back up and pick up where you left off.

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