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Nfinity Vengence Cheer Shoes

Nfinity Vengence Cheer Shoes

This time last year my daughter was so excited because she was getting ready to wrap up her competitive gymnastics career and try out for her high school’s cheerleading teams. She made both the JV Football sideline squad and the competition squad and our cheerleading journey began.

Since we did not know any better, we just ordered the $40 shoes that the school had recommended to start with. By the second month of school, the shoes were already showing their wear and before the season was over, the shoes were already falling apart. This year we are a little more experienced and are taking a cue from some of the upperclassmen on the varsity squad – I just purchased Nfinity® Vengence cheer shoes for her.

The Nfinity® Cheer shoes are the “go to” shoe for so many of the girls. They are extremely lightweight and are constructed to give support whether the girls are tumbling, stunting or dancing. The other thing I really like about the Nfinity shoes is that they come with a case to put them in. When you are spending $90 on a pair of shoes that need to stay white and looking new week after week, having  a dedicated case to put them into is a nice feature.

Nfinity is also one of the few brands I have heard of that addressed the unique biomechanical needs of the female athlete when designing their products to enhance their athletic performance and possibly reduce the risk of injury.

Conditioning and basic stunt training has just begun for my daughter again, but she is so happy with her new shoes – and considering how much time she will be spending in the over the next few months, this is a good thing.

You will not find Nfinity shoes just anywhere. Your best bet is to look on Amazon, Eastbay, or the Nfinity site or cheer proshops. 


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