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Lauren Williams is on the Fast Track

lauren At age 9, Lauren Williams is already a National champion and record holder in two events – the 100 (13.65) and 200-meter (28.48).

Lauren, who is the daughter of TrackMom Lorraine of, has been running since she was 5 and was hooked after her first two races (parks & rec meet where she won 2 blue ribbons). A year later, her Dad who is a former track & field athlete, became her coach, and her whole extended family has become her own cheering section at meets and a source of great support.

Jay Hicks at Pre Race Jitters did a really nice feature piece on Lauren recently and it gives a lot of insight into this young runner’s very bright future.

One of the reasons I think Lauren is going to go far in her track career is the great support she has in her family. Her mother Lorraine and I talk often and we always seem to get on the topic of balance and how to maintain that balance in our daughter’s lives. In the off season, Lauren tries out different sports like volleyball and cycling, dabbles in singing, and just does all the normal kid things.

During the competitive season, things get more serious, but Lorraine is always looking out for Lauren’s best interest by making sure she gets the proper nutrition, rest and injury care/prevention.

Remember her name – Lauren Williams – she is definitely on the fast track!

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