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In Sports All Girls Are Winners – Rally for Girls Sports Day

Today the National Women’s Law Center is hosting Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day as a way of celebrating the importance of girls in sports and the far-reaching benefits of athletics participation for girls nationwide.

For the past 26 years I have been an advocate for girls participating in sports and have (and continue to) been involved as a coach, parent and athlete. The primary reason I started Sports Girls Play was to provide a positive resource for other parents, coaches and athletes in a wide range of sports. Having coached literally hundreds (probably closer to a thousand) girls from ages 3 on up, I have seen the benefits of sports directly as these little girls have grown into successful young women. I have seen the benefits of sports in my own daughters’ lives and have chronicled quite a bit of it here.

Some of the articles that I have posted over the years that I think best represent the spirit of the Rally for Girls Sports Day include:

So, in support of Rally for Girls Sports Day, take a minute and answer the question, “What did you win by playing sports?”  in the comments below.

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