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How Much Fiber Does Your Athlete Need?

Giving your kids the right nutrition is tricky enough, but when they are bodies in constant motion – also known as athletes – not only is it tricky, but it is really important, too!

I recently wrote a piece on Kids and Fiber for the Kellogg’s Snackpicks website based on some really interesting information I found on the Kellogg’s Nutrition website.

Fiber is important in your child’s diet because it  helps to keep the digestive system healthy so it can absorb nutrients and turn food into energy, prevent constipation, and maintaining a healthy population of gastrointestinal bacteria. All of these are essential for athletes!

And it’s easy to determine how much fiber your athlete needs – simply take your child’s age plus 5 grams of fiber each day. So if you have a 12-year old, she needs 17 grams of fiber each day.

Getting the fiber into your athlete’s diet takes a little planning, but like everything else in their athletic schedules, it quickly becomes routine! Head on over to the Snackpicks article on Kids and Fiber to get some simple ideas from this busy Mom (that would be me) on how to incorporate more fiber into your athlete’s diet.

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