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Girls Are Champions

Girls Are Champions

Athletic Girl Productions launched a brand new girls’ website called Girls are Champions. Led by Lisa Izzi, former Stanford Women’s Gymnastics Coach and NCAA National Champion, Girls are Champions entertains and inspires with health and sport-related features, and invites girls to share their stories and experiences. Come visit! Go to and have fun!


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I love your blog.

But sites that lure people into linking to advertising are unethical. (e.g. the word gymnastics on this page links to Amazon.)

I normally unsubscribe to blogs that do it.

Please reconsider.


Rick – Thanks for pointing that out to me. I was testing an Amazon program and did not realize it was pulling single keywords like that.

I have monetized this site using Google Adsense, Auction Ads and Ask Related Search. I don’t have a problem having advertising on here that can be of use to my readers. However, I have pulled the Amazon script that matches keywords to Amazon products since that program doesn’t seem to be adding any value.

I value your input and professional insight.

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