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Getting Started

Welcome to Sports Girls Play! The purpose of this resource site is to share my experiences as a coach, athlete and mother of three, raising healthy athletes. There is so much more to sports than winning, although that is fun! From finding the right sport to keeping the balance between school, friends and sports, I have plenty to say.

What do you want me to discuss? Leave me a comment and let’s get started.

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Gave you a shout out on the blog:

Your blog looks great!

Rick McCharles


Thanks Rick! I love that tubing drill for body shapes on your site. Keep up the great work.


Hi, If anyones looking for a great training beam check out



Hi Char,

This looks like the start of a great resource — thanks for doing it.

I’m interested because I’m the dad of two girls, now seven and two. The 7-year-old is in her first year of soccer now.

Our coaches are great, but by their own admission, they’re basketball and football coaches, and are coaching soccer because of a coaching shortage (we live in a smallish town).

I played six years or so of soccer as a kid, and my dad coached my first team. I went from there to play sports throughout high school and college, and even minored in Physical Education in college.

So, why am I writing all this?

I’m interested in perhaps coaching, in years to come… and although I’ve studied sports psychology and played a lot, I’ve never been a dad before, didn’t grow up with sisters, and my wife was never an athlete. I want to be the best dad for my girls I can be, and allow them to have the greatest experiences with sports that they can.

So far, I’m liking what I’m seeing here; and I’ll be sure to weigh in more as you go. Thanks again!


Thanks for stopping in! My dad coached both of my brothers’ soccer teams when we were growing up. I began coaching gymnastics long before I had kids and I have had the pleasure of coaching my daughter for the past two years. Coaching your own child is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. Keep a positive outlook and leave the coaching on the field and you will do fine.

I just might need to write a post on this topic…

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