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Fun Funky Fleece Hats Keep Swimmers Warm

squid lids fleece hat for swimmers With my girls swimming year round this year, keeping them warm while getting from the pool to home has been a challenge. At the first meet we went to, we saw a bunch of swimmers wearing these funky polar fleece hats with long tails. These hats are perfect for preventing heat loss through the head and the long tails works well for girls with long hair and wet pony tails, too.

The hats, called squid hats or squid lids, are made of fleece. They are very easy to make (although I bought ours because the price was right) and require very little sewing. Basically you measure your child’s head, sew a tube, and cut in the fringe. To me it looks like a fleece windsock!


Here are some more detailed instruction sets for very similar hats:

  • Making an easy fleece hat (you can tie the ends or leave them long)
  • Another set of instructions for a fleece hat
  • Instructions for fleece hat with printable pattern
  • The pattern at Martha Stewart’s site gives guidelines on sizing too

I am pretty sure that the company, SquidLids Inc., is who made the ones we bought at the swim meet. If you are looking to buy one instead of making it, she has the best selection on the web. And if you are looking for a huge selection of the fleece fabric check out…Up to 70% off Retail

Staying warm can be fun!

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