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Cross-training – Take a Hike

As coaches, parents and athletes, we tend to get really wrapped up in the day to day routine of training, and while routine is good, cross-training and non-training can be helpful too.

Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air, have fun and do some interesting cross training for just about any sport.

Pick a nice day, pack a lunch and head out to a local state park (or if you happen to be close to one of these 16 Amazing National Parks).  Take the family or take the team and take in the fresh air.

Tips for a fun cross-training hiking workout:

  • Start out by making sure everyone is dressed appropriately and has plenty of fluids, too.
  • Find a grassy area to stretch and get warmed up.
  • Pick your course by consulting the park guides or from experience.
  • Set your watch for 5-10 minutes – set off on your hike keep a good pace.
  • When you get to the time, stop and play a game of tag, do some calisthenics, or do sets of 30 second sprints.
  • Repeat the intervals of hiking and then alternate activities throughout your hike.
  • At the end of your hike, take the time to cool down, stretch, rehydrate and then of course, enjoy lunch.

Cross-training can be a fun way to get strong, mix up your regular training schedule and build confidence in other areas of fitness.

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