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Great Group Game: Here, There, Everywhere

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One of my favorite things to do as a coach is disguise work as fun. My new favorite game is called “Here, There and Everywhere”. We played this with a group of 25 gymnasts on a standard gymnastics floor and not only did they break a sweat, they kept asking to play it over and over! Here’s the run down on how to play.

What you need:

  • A group of kids of any age – the game can be played with 1-100 kids
  • An adult or older child to act as the “caller”
  • A large enough area for kids to move – obviously the larger the group the larger the space you need. Can be played outdoors, on a sports court, gymnastics floor or even in the pool.

Here, there, and everywhere game

How to play:

  • Define your play space and then identify 3 landmarks (a tree, a cone, a tape line, or any other visual) – name them “Here”, “There” and “Everywhere”
  • Start all the kids on “Here”
  • Then the caller gets creative! Caller says “Go there” and all the kids go to the spot identified as “There” – anyone who goes to the wrong place is out. The next command gets called – “Skip everywhere” and anyone who goes to the wrong place is out. Keep repeating with new ways to get here, there and everywhere until you declare a winner or everyone has had enough.

Command ideas:

  • Go here
  • Skip there
  • Sit everywhere
  • Stand everywhere
  • Jump here
  • Hop there
  • Swim everywhere
  • Spin here
  • Bounce there
  • Crawl everywhere

This game is guaranteed to make kids move and have fun doing it. No Standing Around in My Gym

Rick at Gymnastics Coaching recently posted about a great resource for games like this one – the book, called No Standing Around in My Gym, is by J.D. Hughes and features more than 70 games plus variations that will keep even large groups of kids moving and having fun.

I have a few more games that are popular with the kids at our gym. I will try to write them up soon and share them here.


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Horseback Riding for Fun

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Image details: Mother and daughter riding horses served by

One of the activities my daughter wants to explore this summer is horseback riding. She loves animals and the outdoors which makes it a perfect summer activity.


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Check Out My New Clubs

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Purple golf clubs for womenAbout two years ago I told my family I wanted to learn how to play golf. Why? Because golf is a sport that is social and a sport that doesn’t require a whole lot of talent to enjoy (it does take talent and skill to be successful though). Plus my husband likes to golf and I thought it would be a healthy activity we could do together.

For Mother’s Day today, my husband and kids got me an Acuity set of of clubs and bag, golf balls, tees, practice balls, a glove and a cute Adidas golf shirt. I am so excited.

Now I am really good at putting, but that is it. I will probably take a few golf lessons and look forward to just going to the driving range and having a go with the new clubs.

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