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CaptainU – Helping Athletes Make Sense of the College Recruiting Process

By Avi Stopper, CaptainU

Have you watched as your friends are getting attention from college coaches and wondered, am I invisible to these guys? Or, if you’ve gotten some attention, have you wondered why it’s from colleges you don’t want to attend?

Unfortunately, this is where a ton of athletes throw up their hands and say, “I guess this isn’t going to happen for me.” They give up and miss out on the chance to be a college athlete. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of college coaches out there who want you.

At this very moment, there are college coaches out there who are looking for an athlete just like you. Believe me. It’s true. I’ve been one of those college coaches. Right now, they’re sitting in some office or at the kitchen table, sifting through stacks of athletes, looking at databases, trying to find the right athletes. By introducing yourself to them, you can make their lives much easier. They want to hear from you.

The key is to find the right colleges. At CaptainU, we always tell our athletes to focus on the complete fit, not just the most prestigious name or biggest scholarship. Rather it’s about finding the place where the sports, academics, and social environment all match their needs – and show them how to find these colleges. Once you’ve found these colleges and introduced yourself, you’ll be well on your way to a great college career.

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