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Burnout is a pretty common phrase when it comes to kids and sports, especially high level athletes. I think we are dealing with a bit of it in our house this week and it isn’t pretty! My girls must be exhausted – neither one wants to go to practice, both are snapping at me when I ask them why they don’t want to go, and one left all her medals and autographed t-shirt in her gym bag in the car.

So what is a sports parent to do? LET THEM REST. It is Thanksgiving week, so they are getting a break from school. Even though they have swim practice on Wednesday and Friday, I am going to let them decide which days they want to go. And lucky for my gymnast, she doesn’t have practice until next week, which is just perfect for her.

The girls don’t have school today and I suspect that come 4 pm after they have watched a bit of TV, caught up with their friends on computer, made cookies and asked to go to the mall a gazillion times, they may just think that going to practice is a good thing. I’m not even going to mention it today – unless they ask, we will just stay home.

Do you know the signs that your daughter is getting a burned out, needs a break, or change of routine? If so, I’d love to hear your experience!

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