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Ashley Caldwell – The Youngest Member of the US Olympic Team

One of my favorite parts of the Olympics has to be the stories behind the athletes. Tonight I will be cheering extra hard for Aerial Skiier Ashley Caldwell – the youngest member of this year’s US Olympic team at 16 years old. She has only been training aerials for three years and really had her sights set on the 2014 games. The former Level 9 gymnast from Virginia not only made the US Olympic team, she also qualified for tonight’s aerials finals, too! Way to go Ashley!

Here is footage of her full double full – which I think is her first jump for finals tonight:

I remember watching Ashley compete as a gymnast during her years at Apex – and can only imagine how proud all her coaches from gymnastics are of her tonight (the rest of the coaches and gymnasts in the state are proud of you too, Ashley)!  I am sure all those basics, twisting and flipping drills, trampoline time, conditioning and lessons she learned from her days in the gym contributed to her quick rise to the top in US Freestyle skiing.

GO ASHLEY!  Another example of the great things gymnastics can prepare you for.



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Giving you an award-cme and see!!


Go Ashley! You are superb. I love the jump you did here. You’ll gonna make it. Goodluck!!!

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