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77Kids – Cute Clothes for Sporty Kids

77kids outfit The team behind the American Eagle clothing brand have decided to get in on the tween fashion market and just opened a new line of stores (and of course a website) called We had the chance to check out some of their clothes and they are cute!

One of the things I like most is that they are cut to fit active kids. So many of the kids clothing manufacturers have resized their clothes for the population’s expanding waistline making it harder to find clothes that fit my girls. For example, Justice Just for Girls (one of their favorites) sells “skinny jeans” which are very popular right now. The 10 slims are still too big for my 10 year old and the 8 slims, while they fit are too short.

77tee Back to 77Kids. We bought a striped hoody, teal tee, and a pair of denim capris. All three are well made and fit great. My 10 year old loves how the tee fits – shaped but not so tight and she is crazy about the color. My 7 year old has deemed the capris her favorites and would wear them every day.

When you are looking for spring clothes for your kids – check out 77Kids – they have some fun, trendy styles and the prices are right in line with many of your other favorite brands.

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