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The Olympics are just a few days away and the commercials, trailers and other press are really doing a great job of overshadowing the fact that Sochi may or may not really be ready for an event of this size.

The BBC trailer for the Sochi games is so awesome. Words to describe it – Haunting. Inspiring. Dramatic. Epic. Spine-chilling. Yep, those are just a few!

The voiceover is from Charles Dance from Game of Thrones and you might think the trailer is for some big Hollywood movie production, but it is not.

When you read the transcript of the video, you can really get a better sense of the build up, the intensity and the emotional qualities of these games:

I am the dreadful menace.
The one whose will is done.
The haunting chill upon your neck.
I am the conundrum.

I will summon armies.
Of wind and rain and snow.
I made the black cloud overhead.
The ice, like glass below.

Not you, nor any other.
Can fathom what is nigh.
I will tell you when to jump.
And I’ll dictate how high.

The ones that came before you.
Stood strong and tall and brave.
But I stole their dreams away.
Those dreams could not be saved.

But now you stand before me.
Devoid of all dismay.
Could it be? Just maybe.
I’ll let you have your day.


Quote found on Mashable.

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With the 2014 Sochi Games right around the corner, of course P&G has a new commercial that gives tribute to sports Moms everywhere and the incredible journey athletes take to get to the Olympics. Take a look.


Obviously there are plenty of sports Dads that have picked up, dusted off and been there for their athletes, too, but as a Mom who has done the 5 am ice hockey practice shuttle, this definitely tugs at my heart strings.

Proctor & Gamble has done a whole series of these commercials and what I think they illustrate best is the JOURNEY of sports. Its not all glory. It’s hours and hours, years and years, tears and triumphs but the life lessons kids learn along the way make them more prepared for real life than anything else.

So who is read for the Olympics to start? 


2014 Olympics Go USA Mittens

I am!! And I’ll be sporting this very popular GO USA mittens from Fanatics, too!

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Gift Ideas for Girls who Play Sports

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If she plays a particular sport, you can always find more ideas in our Get the Gear pages where we have ideas for every athlete from your gymnasts, volleyball players, basketball players and more!

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