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2012 Olympic Mascots Unveiled – What Were They Thinking?

First off, I have to say I LOVE THE OLYMPICS and everything Olympic, however, the art department that has been hired for the 2012 London Olympics has got me a bit worried. It isn’t bad enough that the logo for the games looks like something out of the 80s, but the mascots for the games were unveiled today and they look, well, CREEPY!

2012 London Olympic Mascots

Is it just me or do these look like they were made by the same people who thought the Teletubbies and Boobah were a good idea?

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The names are brillant, references to the Much Wenlock Olympics which started before Baron de Courbetin got in on the act, and the pioneering Paralympic movement which started at Stoke Mandeville, but the creatures themselves are distinctly perculiar. They remind me of a tv advert for an opticians chain which features giant eyeballs.

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