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The NCAA Pacific Athletic Conference (PAC-10) has released a series of commercials celebrating 25 years of women’s sports in their conference. One focuses on the fans, one on the athletes and my personal favorite – one on the impact of the victories – big or small – on the next generation of student athletes. Click to play below or watch on YouTube.

WomenTalkSports highlighted the athlete video which is narrated by Natalie Coughlin. There is also one celebrating the PAC-10 fans. Check out all three videos, they really are very powerful.

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Today the National Women’s Law Center is hosting Blog to Rally for Girls’ Sports Day as a way of celebrating the importance of girls in sports and the far-reaching benefits of athletics participation for girls nationwide.

For the past 26 years I have been an advocate for girls participating in sports and have (and continue to) been involved as a coach, parent and athlete. The primary reason I started Sports Girls Play was to provide a positive resource for other parents, coaches and athletes in a wide range of sports. Having coached literally hundreds (probably closer to a thousand) girls from ages 3 on up, I have seen the benefits of sports directly as these little girls have grown into successful young women. I have seen the benefits of sports in my own daughters’ lives and have chronicled quite a bit of it here.

Some of the articles that I have posted over the years that I think best represent the spirit of the Rally for Girls Sports Day include:

So, in support of Rally for Girls Sports Day, take a minute and answer the question, “What did you win by playing sports?”  in the comments below.

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Thanks Sports Parents!

Posted by: | Comments (0) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more As I sit here enjoying my cup of coffee and savoring the last few minutes of calm and quiet for the day, I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all the parents around the world who are taking kids to athletic events today.

  • Thanks to all the parents who are working as a team – one taking a hockey player to a tournament up north and the other taking a gymnast to a competition down south.
  • Thanks to all the parents who are helping out another family by taking their teammate to a game when a conflict has arisen.
  • Thank you to all the parents who selflessly drive carpool to and from practice.
  • Thanks to all the parents who volunteer countless hours to make sure the competitions go off without a glitch.
  • Thanks to all the parents who help make sure their athletes look just right on game day – right down to the perfect competition hairstyle.
  • Thanks to the parent who video tapes my child while I volunteer at a competition.
  • Thanks to the parents who collect the results and get them submitted to the newspaper.
  • Thank you to all the parents who understand the true meaning of youth sports and cheer for every athlete – friend or foe!

You see, parents are a critical part of the Athlete-Coach-Parent triad. It takes a team to build an athlete and parents are an important part of that team! Give yourselves a pat on the back for being supportive and keeping it in perspective. The lifelong benefits of kids participating in sports reaches far past the medal they do or don’t get today.

Off to pack up for my daughter’s swim meet while another fantastic parent takes my other daughter to her gymnastics meet for us today…

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