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Shawn Johnson Gymnastics for Wii Game

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Shawn Johnson Wii Gymnastics Video GameHmmm…. I can bet one thing that will be on plenty of little gymnasts’ Christmas and Birthday gift lists over the next few months! The Shawn Johnson Gymnastics video game for the Wii is due out November 2, 2010 and even I can’t wait to give the game a try.

Highlights of the game include:

  • Learning the best techniques of gymnastics with the guidance of Shawn Johnson
  • Work your way from amateur to champion in “Leaping Hill Academy”
  • Use Wiimote, Nunchuk, and Balance Board in events – from the looks of the video, this is going to require some serious coordination
  • Train in all gymnastic competitions: uneven bars, balance beam, floor, and vault
  • Compete in career mode or take on friends in multiplayer

Below, Shawn Johnson does an interview on why she decided to make the Gymnastics video game:

I will definitely update this post once I get a chance to play the game with my kids – something tells me it might be a focus of some Saturday afternoon video game challenges! You can order Shawn Johnson Gymnastics through Amazon, now.

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According to Dr. Susan Brown in her OsteoBlast newsletter, hopping 100 times a day will help bones get stronger, making them less susceptible to injury:

Remember jumping rope and playing hop scotch as a kid? Well, it’s time to think about those activities again, because hopping and jumping are great bone builders. As it turns out, bone strengthens in response to the load placed upon it, and high-impact activities like jumping load bone much more than low-impact activities like walking. Studies among children and adults show the bone benefits of this simple form of high impact exercise. Ten to 15 minutes of heel drops, hopping, or jumping three days a week helps to increase bone density and strength.

Coaches – you can help your athletes get 100 hops in by setting up return stations and drills that incorporate jumping, bounding,  punching through the feet and hopping on one foot. Make an obstacle course, draw a hopscotch field, or come up with your own version of Simon Says.

Athletes – you can certainly get hopping on those days off! Grab your jump rope, make your own jumping circuit or make a game of hopping everywhere a few minutes each hour.

Don’t forget to stretch before you start and your bones will thank you!


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Ready for Kickoff

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Pittsburgh Steeler Jerseys : Reebok Heath Miller Pittsburgh Steeler Ladies Replica Jerseys - BlackNFL football’s season kicks off today and I thought I would share a few football related links with you to get the season started:

  • Looking for ways to make your football party even more fun? Check out my Tailgating Tips plus all the great Tailgating recipes at
  • Print out free football inspired invitations for your football get together.
  • Women Are Football Fans Too! Stock up on your favorite teams’ jerseys now at!
  • Keep the kids busy while getting ready for game time with some fun football printable games.
  • How about some women’s football? You got it! Check out the Endzone Airways – a blog by Palm Beach Punishers womens football player Sally Maple.
  • Get your friends out for a little pregame touch football game or incorporate some fun football drills into your own workout today just to mix it up a bit!

Have a great day and I hope the team your are rooting for wins!

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