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Middle School Golf

While catching up on my favorite sports blogs earlier this week, I came across a few posts by Heather at Real Women Golf about her very exceptional daughter, Miss E, who decided to try out for the boys golf team in middle school and made it!!!  I am awarding Miss E the Sports Girls Play Go-Getter Award for being a leader and an inspiration for other girls following their dreams in sports.

According to Heather, Miss E. made the declaration way back in second grade that she was going to try out for the golf team when she got to middle school. Just so happens, the school doesn’t have a girls golf team, so Miss E’s only choice was to be a trailblazer and be the first girl to try out for the boys golf team – ever – at her school. Trying out for any sports team is a challenge, but being the first girl to try out for a “boys” team takes a lot more courage and confidence.

It sounds as if Miss E is a fantastic golfer for her age and her teammates and coach are very glad to have her. They just have a few challenges like … they may need to rename the team and they will have to expand the team’s uniform to make sure Miss E has a shirt made for a girl.

Anyhow, congratulations again Miss E! Your go-getter attitude is going to take you a long way in life.

Photo – Provided by Heather of Real Women Golf.


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I’ve Created a Golf Monster

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Golf GirlHow’s that for a crazy title? This summer I signed my 8 year old daughter up for golf camp with a few different motives in mind.

One, I wanted her to try a new sport – she is a very good swimmer, but I want her to expand her horizons a bit. Second, golf is one of those life long sports and I’m thinking of my own future here – in addition to golf weekends with my husband, I think some Mother/Daughter golf weekends could be a lot of fun! Third, it was a bargain when it comes to summer activities for kids! Not only did the kids get 3 hours of quality golf instruction each morning for a week, they also fed them lunch from the cafe at the golf course – all for $120 for the week.

But, what I didn’t see coming was this… I have now created a golf monster. She absolutely loves it. She asks daily if we can go to the driving range, managed to talk us in to playing 4 different mini golf courses in a week on vacation, she just went to the backyard with a bucket of foam practice balls, and has even requested a golf outing tomorrow morning – the last free day she has before school starts again. Gotta love it!

Golf camp was a really great experience for her and I was really impressed with the entire staff at the camp. Each morning they started off with stations where they practiced their swing using various fun golf trainers, learned chipping, practiced putting and spent time at the driving range. After a quick snack they had sessions on golf rules and etiquette, then each day they had a different closing activity which ranged from a chipping contest to actually playing 4-5 holes the last two days.

golf camp

The last day of camp they had an awards ceremony and really made a point of recognizing each child for their efforts. Something tells me that her great experience at golf camp this summer contributed to the creation of my little golf monster! She is already talking about playing in a tournament or two….

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