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2007 Visa Championships – USA Gymnastics

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Shawn JohnsonCan you feel the excitement that is beginning to build for the 2008 Olympics? Athletes from all the sports are starting to jockey for position and competitions this year become trial runs for the 2008 Games.

US gymnasts began their journey this week with the 2007 Visa Championships. Powerhouse Shawn Johnson is in the lead after Day 1 and I fully expect some of the other veterans like Nastia Liukin and Alicia Sacramone to step it up for Day 2.

The event will be televised this weekend on NBC (check your local listings for times):

  • Women’s Show – Saturday (8/18)
  • Women’s Show – Sunday (8/19)
  • Men’s Show – Sunday (9/9)

Here is more media coverage of the event:

  • USA Gymnastics coverage of the event
  • USA Gymnastics Preliminaries
  • Small Girl Big Future (SI)
  • Rookies Lead the Way
  • Johnson Flies High at US Gymnastics
  • Better than advertised, Shawn Johnson could be gymnastics next Mary Lou
  • New faces present challenges at US Gymnastics Championships
  • Gymnast Liukin seeking return to her top spot
  • Gymnast Liukin isn’t ready to step aside


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Cheerleading – Is it a sport?

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Do you consider cheerleading to be a sport?

I know there are a lot of people that just can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that cheerleading could even be considered a sport, but I have to say, yes it is.

Cheerleading takes strength, flexibility, stamina, and training. It is an activity that requires movement and repetition. Cheerleaders work together as a team (in most cases) and the basis of most cheer moves is gymnastics.

Now it is your turn! What do you think? Sport or activity?


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The Fourteenth Healthy & Fit Family

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carnival.jpgI am happy to be the hostess for the Fourteenth Healthy & Fit Family Carnival this month! We had so many great entries, but we can only go with ten that we feel are the best written and most on topic. Before we start, go pour yourself a tall glass of healthy ice water or a steamy cup of hot tea, do a few stretches, and then get settled for some great reading.

Why celebrate World Breastfeeding Week? Babylune had lots and lots of reasons.

In an effort to help parents learn more about breastfeeding to improve everyone’s health, Breastfeeding 1 2 3 told us about a unique book project for the month of August.

In the most appropriate submission we’ve ever received, Terri has collected a number of resources to inspire us about how to work out after our children arrive on the scene.

The Millionaire Mom Next Door tells us how to get rich by giving up plastic and fast food (did I mention this is a MUST read?)

The Dragon Slayer tells us how to slay back pain.

Lively Women points us toward resources that challenge our thinking about obesity.

Career Counselor presents reasons why a career change could be good for your health.

Tiffany Washko presents Book Review: Three Grin Salad posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

10 Ways You Can De-Stress Your Distressed Body and Mind is posted at Real Women’s Fitness.

And I would like to offer some tips for making check ups easier with the kids at my new site, Raising A Healthy Family.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s stop on the carnival tour! Check back with Kate at Babylune to find out where the carnival will be stopping in September.


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