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Gymnastics Is Good For Girls Bones

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Want to help reduce your daughter’s risk of osteoporosis in her later years? Enroll her in gymnastics.

Various studies and medical experts are now touting the benefits of gymnastics (and other sports) for building strong bones.

According to an Action Medical Research article,

Interestingly, whilst the calcium supplements had a beneficial effect on the bones of the school children there were no benefits in giving calcium supplements to the gymnasts.

The researchers believe this is because the gymnasts have already maximised their bone density potential with regular exercise.

That particular article also reiterates the importance of eating a healthy, well balanced diet, and removing carbonated drinks from kids’ daily diets.

Thanks to the translation, another study concluded that female college artistic gymnasts maintained significantly higher aBMD (areal bone mineral density) than controls 24 years after retirement from gymnastics training and competition. They were at much less risk of Osteoporosis than their non-gymnast friends.

To find a gymnastics program in your area, visit USA Gymnastics’ club finder.

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Olympic Sports Printable Fun

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I am so ready for the Olympics to start – they really are something I look forward to every two years (yes, I like the Winter Olympics as much as I like the Summer Games).  If you are planning an Olympic party or Olympic themed camp in celebration, here are some fun Olympic themed printables:

Go for the Gold – Olympic Sports Word Search

Gymnastics Word Search

EdHelper has multiple activities, lesson plans, and fun worksheets for the Olympic theme

Get an Olympic word search, crossword puzzle, trivia worksheets and more at About’s homeschooling page

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This was originally posted prior to the 2008 Olympic Games. To see my Olympic Gymnastics Team Predictions for 2012, read – Who Will Make the US Olympic Gymnastics Team in 2012.

After two days of “mock” competition at the National Training Center – aka Bela Karolyi’s Ranch, in Texas, USA Gymnastics is finally ready to announce the members of the Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team.

In June I predicted the team would consist of Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, Chellsie Memmel, Alicia Sacramone, Shayla Worley, Jana Bieger and Samantha Peszek would be the alternate. Unfortunately, Shayla Worley is now out with a broken leg.

According to, the OFFICIAL US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team will be:

  1. Shawn Johnson
  2. Nastia Liukin
  3. Chellsie Memmel
  4. Alicia Sacramone
  5. Samantha Peszek
  6. Bridget Sloan

Alternates will be: Jana Bieger, Ivana Hong and Corrie Lothrop

Congratulations to all the athletes! Let’s hope they can all stay healthy and travel safely to Beijing!

Photo of Alicia Sacramone (Flickr)

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