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Three Cheers for the Average Athlete

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555106_shortstop.jpgEvery four years, the best of the best in sports gather to compete in the Olympic Games, but when you think about the odds of your child every reaching such a level, it just isn’t realistic. So what about the average athlete? You know, the child who prefers parks and rec league soccer to the high pressure travel league, or the child who consistently comes in middle of the pack at summer swim meets. In my opinion, sports are healthy for kids – it doesn’t matter if they are the fastest, highest scorer, or star of the team – each and everyone of them is successful for showing up to practices, playing in the games, and being a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Sandy at Parent Dish agrees in her post called “In Praise of the Average Child” – three cheers for you Sandy! I like your parenting style!


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Each year since 1976, college athletic directors have voted on the top woman collegiate athlete in twelve different NCAA sports and she has been awarded the Honda-Broderick Award. Nominations for this year’s award have been made and the list for College Women Athlete of the Year has been shortened to 5 finalists. The winner will be announced on June 25 at a special press conference in New York.

Honda Award Winners for 2007 include (the first five are finalists for the Collegiate Woman of the Year Award):

Congratulations to all the winners for their hard work this season!


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Summer Swim Team

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swim teamOne of my fondest memories of summer as a kid was swimming on the community swim team. I remember riding my bike to the pool every weekday morning, dreading the first few minutes in the water, and then feeling at home once practice started.

On competition days, getting your number written on your shoulder was a mark to be worn with pride – it was cool – it showed your friends that you were part of something. I remember the sound of the starting gun and getting frustrated at all the false starts. The cheers of the crowd were muffled by the sound of the water passing over my head and I remember counting the strokes from the flags to the wall precisely as I did my backstroke races.

Swimming is a wonderful sport for kids of all ages and abilities, especially summer swim leagues. Check with your local community pool or YMCA to find a league that will fit your needs.

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