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Getting Ready for the Big Game

The New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts are set to clash in Super Bowl XLIV on February 7th. For many the Super Bowl means parties and commercials – and a little bit of football, too.

If you are hosting a Big Game party, you should go check out my latest article for for some great tips on planning your gathering, ways to keep the party moving, activities for the kids and post-game cleanup.

Some of the tips include:

  • At the beginning of the game, have each guest pick a player. Every time a player’s name is mentioned, they get a point. Create a board or system for keeping track. At the end of game, the person whose player’s name was mentioned most, wins.
  • Cover a card table (or similar) with butcher paper. Put out a bucket (or helmet) full of crayons/art supplies and let the kids be creative. Download and printout a variety of printable football coloring pages and activities for kids (and fidgety grownups).
  • Hand out fun awards for the most spirited guest, winners of your pick a player or commercial games, and the team of kids with the best cheer.

Read the entire article and get even more great tips and recipes for your big game party at

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