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Dakota Fanning Dishes on Being a Cheerleader

Dakota Fanning Cheerleader The June 2009 issue of American Cheerleader (on newsstands now) features a full interview with teen celebrity turned girl next door/high school cheerleader, Dakota Fanning. Excerpts of the interview can be found online at American Cheerleader. In the interview, Dakota talks about what she likes most about cheerleading – namely stunting:

AC: What do you like most about cheer?
Dakota: I love stunting! I’m a flyer and I just love that. Also, you make so many friends in cheerleading. Sometimes it’s a long way to games, and we have to travel for hours on a bus, and you kind of bond with your teammates. I think that’s really nice.

AC: What is it about stunting that you love so much?
Dakota: You know it really came naturally to me when I first started doing it. It’s probably my most favorite thing about cheerleading—I’m the one who’s always like, ‘OK, let’s stunt now.’ I really love doing toe touch Baskets.

As usual the debate as to whether cheerleading is a sport continues, but as far as Dakota is concerned, cheerleading is a sport – and one she really enjoys.

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