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2014 Winter Games Mascot White Polar Bear

The Olympics Facebook page just posted this super cute photo of one of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games mascots in stuffed animal format – isn’t the White Par Bear a cutie? It almost makes me want snow… not.

2014 Sochi games mascots bear, leopard, hare

Here is the illustration of the three main mascots for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games – White Polar Bear, Leopard and Hare. I think the leopard definitely has the most personality and looks like an athlete.

Are you ready to start thinking about the Winter Olympics yet?  They will be held February 7-23, 2014 so they are really not that far off!  


Comments (0) When I was a kid we lived in Utah and skied just about every weekend, but since moving East, I just haven’t made the time to ski. Quite a few of my friends take multiple ski trips every winter and they always have a great time so, I think we may just have to try something new this winter. Since it has been so long since I have packed for a ski trip, I wouldn’t have the first clue what to pack other than loads of socks and gloves!

Enter, a cool find! The team at Sun & Ski sports have created an interactive snow ski trip packing list that not only tells you what to pack for a quick ski trip – say 2-4 days, but also what to pack for a longer trip, the benefits of each item you need, and some general tips such as:

  • Workout your legs (Quadriceps, Calfs & Tibialis Anterior) and core (Abs & balancing exercises) to prepare for your time on the hill. Low weight, high reps will build that “all day” endurance that you are looking for.
  • Pack ski clothes in your carry-on. This way if your luggage gets lost, you can still enjoy the mountain.
  • Eat a good breakfast. Supplement with Vitamin C and all kinds of Vitamin B for energy.
  • Remember to always drink alot of water when at high altitudes.
  • Check your snowboard bindings to make sure that they remain tight throughout the day.

Head over to Sun & Ski for the rest of the tips for ski and snowboarding trips as well as how to layer to stay warm and dry on the slopes.

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Snowboarder Torah Bright Out of X Games

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Torah Bright out of X Games Australian Olympic snowboarder, Torah Bright, has withdrawn from the 2010 Winter X Games after hitting her head on the ice in training and suffering yet another concussion.

According to The Australian,

Bright was training in the half-pipe at Aspen, Colorado, yesterday to prepare for this weekend’s Winter X Games, when she missed the landing on one of her standard tricks, a switchback 720 (double spin), and struck the back of her head on the ice floor of the bowl.

She was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital for precautionary scans which cleared her of any serious injury, but she has withdrawn from the X Games, which was to have been her last competition before the Olympics.

Bright played down the mishap as “a bit of a fall” and said it would not affect her preparation for the Winter Olympics.

Let’s hope she has a speedy recovery with no long term effects from that fall and can show off her crazy new skill, the “double cork” in Vancouver later this month.

Here is a great documentary piece on Torah Bright for Roxy where she talks about riding the “White Wave”, her hopes, dreams and her worst snowboarding injury.

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