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In honor of Spring and the official kick off of soccer season in neighborhoods all across the country, today’s Workout Wednesday features the Milton Magic girls soccer team doing ball drills, plyometrics and agility exercises.

One of the things I like so much about soccer is that it is a sport that requires very little special equipment, can be played or training can take place just about anywhere, and its a great sport for kids of all ages!

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Wednesday Workout – Yoga with Sasha Cohen

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Although Sasha Cohen failed to make the US Womens Figure Skating Olympic Team by finishing 4th at this past weekend’s national championships (well, technically she is the second alternate), the one thing she brought to the competition was extreme grace and flexibility. In addition to her ice skating training, Sasha has years of ballet experience and in the past three years she has added yoga to her list of off-ice training methods.

One of the benefits of yoga according to Sasha is injury prevention thanks to the additional core strength and increased flexibility she has gotten from yoga training. She says she does yoga 4-5 days a week whether she is traveling or not.

If you are interested in incorporating yoga in your conditioning program or just giving it a try, check out any of these DVDs for a start:

What’s your workout plan for today?

I love seeing what exercises are used for training different sports and how many are just good general fitness exercises that anyone can do. In a new weekly feature, Workout Wednesday, I am going to feature individual athletes, teams, my favorite exercises/circuits or something related to working on general fitness, core training or sport specific drills. If you’d like to join in, just post your Wednesday Workout on your site (or Facebook page) and come back here and link it up in the comments. We’ll have fun learning something new from everyone.

Let’s kick it off with US Olympic Snowboarder, Lindsey Jacobellis, as she takes her workout out of the gym and into the great outdoors. Her trainer has her doing a suspension style workout using straps with handles to work her body in 3 dimensions. No fancy machines needed!

The video is courtesy of Visa Go World.

What is/was your Wednesday Workout? Since I don’t coach on Wednesdays, it was all about me. I did a 20 minutes with kettlebells using the awesome Kettleworx Core workout. But, really, I’d rather be playing a round of golf – come on spring!

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