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In any sport the true prize does not come in the form of medals or records, rather in the process – the journey – the ups and downs, wins and losses, lessons learned and little victories. 

Mizuno Volleyball is having an online contest and the grand prize is a volleyball clinic given to the winner’s team in their hometown, conducted by a  USA Volleyball team member. To enter, Mizuno is asking young volleyball players to submit video diaries, photographs and essays, showcasing their own personal journeys and elaborating on how competitive volleyball has affected their lives and made them better, stronger individuals because the journey is just beginning for thousands of aspiring young volleyball players across the country.

Where will your journey take you?

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Fun and Funky Volleyball Shorts

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Back when I was in school, the volleyball uniforms were like every other uniform – BOR-ING. Same for practice gear. It seemed like the only athletes with fun workout gear were gymnasts and ice skaters. It certainly wasn’t the volleyball team. Oh, how times have changed!! We were out shopping for field hockey gear and I kept seeing all these fun print shorts. My daughter said that the fun printed shorts are super popular with volleyball players right now just like the wild socks are with field hockey players. has the best selection of fun and funky print volleyball shorts and basically everything you might need for volleyball, but I have also seen funky print shorts for volleyball by Reebok at Sports Authority. Here are some of my favorites. Click on the image for ordering information.

See what I mean? Now those are fun for workouts!

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Last week I got the opportunity to do something really fun! I got to do a Skype video interview with Olympic Beach Volleyball player Misty May-Treanor in conjunction with  the “Put the Two Back in Tuesdays” campaign from Stouffers. As Misty goes for her third Olympic team this summer, I felt honored to be able to ask her some questions that would be relevant to our readers as we all are raising healthy athletes and dealing with the ups and downs of this journey called sports.

My questions to Misty included:

  • How long has she been playing volleyball? And what inspired her to start?
  • Did she play other sports as a child?
  • What advice does she have for athletes that might be going through a rough patch or may be frustrated in their sport?
  • What advice would she give an athlete who is transitioning from an individual sport such as gymnastics and playing a team sport like volleyball for the first time?
  • How does she manage to balance family time with her husband, professional athlete Matt Treanor, and the rigors of their busy sports schedules?

Misty and Matt are working with Stouffers to help promote their “Put the Two Back in Tuesdays” campaign. From the press release:

Kicking off today and continuing for the next six weeks, STOUFFER’S® will challenge couples to make their Tuesdays extraordinary with the help of STOUFFER’S® unique, chef-inspired Sautés for Two™ meals. Gold medal winning pro beach volleyball player and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Misty May-Treanor will be sharing how she and her husband, professional baseball player Matt Treanor, re-connect over STOUFFER’S® Sautés for Two™ to inspire couples across the country to do the same.

“Like most Americans, we’re an incredibly busy couple with schedules that don’t always align, but we always make the time to enjoy dinner together at least one night a week because it’s important to us and to our relationship,” said Misty May-Treanor.  “We love STOUFFER’S® Sautés for Two™ because it is a quick, easy and unbelievably delicious meal that equates to less time cooking and more time actually re-connecting.”

To help other couples nationwide “Put the Two Back in Tuesdays,” STOUFFER’S® will be rewarding Facebook fans with weekly, downloadable coupons to try one of the indulgent meals from the Sautés for Two™ collection as well as providing useful tips and hints on how to make Tuesdays extraordinary. Fans can begin downloading coupons starting today with additional discounts available to Sautés for Two™ fans through March 20, 2012. (Stouffer’s Facebook page)

With three kids going three different directions sometimes getting a healthy meal in can be tough for us – especially if I am out at a swim meet with the girls and my husband and son are home or returning from one of their activities. Those are nights that they are very happy to find I have put a Stouffer’s Lasagne in the oven for them. I am looking forward to downloading some of the coupons and trying out the new Sautés for Two™ for nights when there may be only two or three of us home or getting a variety and letting the kids try more than one.

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for the interview or for sharing information about the Stouffer’s campaign. However, I was sent an autographed volleyball from Misty May-Treanor as a Thank You and to give to my daughter’s best friend who inspired question #3.

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