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Congratulations USA Women’s Soccer Team

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USA Womens Soccer

Congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer team for their 5-2 win over Japan! The World Champion squad just continued to gain momentum throughout the entire tournament and scored an unprecedented 4 goals in the first 16 minutes of the championship game.

Just like the USA Women’s Team in 1999, this group of world class athletes will inspire another generation of girls to play soccer at all levels. 

Where do you go to get started playing soccer? Check with your local parks and recreation departments, YMCA or JCC, to start. Once your child has experience with soccer and wants to get more field time, there are travel teams, clinics, and soccer camps you can look into.

Looking for USA Women’s Soccer fan gear? My favorite store, Fanatics, has Team USA Women’s Soccer World Champs Gear in youth and adult sizes. Here are a few of my favorite items:

US Women's Soccer Team Nike Women's 2015 World Champions Slogan Dri-Blend T-Shirt - Heather Gray
US Women’s Soccer Team Nike Women’s 2015 World Champions Slogan Dri-Blend T-Shirt – Heather Gray

US Women's Soccer Team 2015 World Champions Earned Our Stars Tri-Blend T-Shirt - Navy
US Women’s Soccer Team 2015 World Champions Earned Our Stars Tri-Blend T-Shirt – Navy

Nike USA Alex Morgan Youth Home Replica Jersey - White
Nike USA Alex Morgan Youth Home Replica Jersey – White

Have you caught soccer fever yet?

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Greatness Has Been Found

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I’m sure by now you have seen Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” ad campaign – the one that celebrates everyday athletes. I happen to love the part showing the little boy getting up the courage to jump off the diving platform. And I am sure you saw the Greatness Has Been Found shirts that the US Womens Soccer Team put on after their gold medal victory over Japan at the 2012 Olympics this week!  Now you can get one of your own!

Greatness Has Been Found

LOVE IT! Such a simple statement but such a powerful one not only for soccer fans but for the everyday athlete, too. I happen to love the Nike shirts that have been made over the past few years because they fit, they are comfortable and wash well.

Get your own Greatness Has Been Found Nike shirt from Fanatics – while they last!

Congratulations to Hope Solo, Abby Wambach, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, Lauren Cheney and the rest of the US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team!



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The numbers are staggering and heartbreaking – girls soccer players are treated for so many concussions each year that they are second only to football among youth athletes. A concussion is a brain injury and the easiest way I can explain it is if you were to take a block of jello and put it in a container then drop it you will see it stays primarily as it bounces of the walls of its container, but do it too many times and the jello does break down. And girls are actually more susceptible to concussions than boys, due in part to anatomy and inherent neck strength – according to a study by the Journal of Athletic Training, in sports that both girls and boys play, like soccer and basketball, girls are 1.5 times more likely to suffer head injuries in basketball and 3 times more likely when playing soccer.

NBC’s Kate Snow of Rock Center did a very informative piece on this alarming trend, how it affects the girls (girls in the interview claimed having multiple concussion over the past few years), what the warning signs are and what needs to be done to lower the numbers. Watch below:

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One trend I am very happy to see, at least in our area, is concussion testing at the high school level. Every high school athlete – whether they play football or are on the swim team – go through baseline concussion testing each season. I am wondering if this needs to become a service that is more readily available at the club sports and recreational sports level, too?

Additionally, there are three really important steps you can take as a parent to help prevent concussions in your athlete:

You may also be interested in a documentary by the University of Minnesota’s Tucker Center for Research on Girls and Women in Sport highlighting the untold story of female athletes and concussion injuries. Knowledge is power when it comes to reducing the number of concussions young girls are suffering on the field.

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