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Cirque du Soleil – The Ultimate Circus

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The circus is in town, but not just any circus – the penultimate circus – Cirque du Soleil! Kooza, one of Cirque’s newer shows, is in our area and I just purchased tickets for my daughters and I to go. Having been to two Cirque shows myself (Mystere and O), I knew that I couldn’t let this opportunity to share the Cirque magic with my girls go uncaptured. Many of the Washington DC shows are already sold out,but the shows later in the tour are still available. (Here is a trailer of Kooza)

Cirque du Soleil shows are an amazing mix of incredible athleticism, phenomenal costumes and makeup, and soul tapping music. Some of our Cirque du Soleil DVDs are worn out, we have watched them so many times. When my daughter was 4 she would come home from preschool, grab her hula hoop and watch Cirque du Soleil – Alegria (Live in Sydney) over and over trying to do the spectacular hoop tricks performed by Elena Lev who is now performing in the Wintuk show. She would watch the interviews and behind the scenes footage daily.

I also love how Cirque du Soleil gives former competitive gymnasts, acrobats, dancers and performers a career opportunity once their competition days are over. What a great way to earn a living doing something you love!

Have you been to a Cirque show? If so, which one is your favorite? Having seen Mystere and O, I’d have to say O was my favorite. However, of the ones I have seen on DVD, Alegria is the one I’d most like to see live.

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