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disney momspanel

If you are a Mom who loves the Disney parks, does a lot of traveling with your child’s sports team or coordinates team travel, Disney invites you to apply for their Walt Disney World Moms Panel. 

Until September 14 or until they reach 14,000 applications, you can register at Walt Disney World Moms Panel.

We were actually in Orlando this summer on our family vacation, but we didn’t actually visit any of the parks this time, except for a a great afternoon walk around Downtown Disney. Since I have not been to one of the actual parks in the past 24 months, I do not qualify, but I am sure someone in my reading audience does! So if  you are a Disney parks “guru” put in your application, you just might be one of the next Disney Moms!

Hat Tip – The Disney Blog

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P&G “Kids 2012” Olympics Commercial

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Normally when I am watching TV when it comes time for the commercials I get up, walk around, refill my water, or fold a load of laundry – EXCEPT when watching the Superbowl or the OLYMPICS! During last night’s Opening Ceremony I didn’t dare move at commercial time – I might miss something!  There were quite a few really good commercials (which I will be highlighting during the next few weeks) and I lost track of how many brought tears to my eyes. Here is one of my favorites, so far:

Procter & Gamble has got the number of Moms around the world! They have figured out how to make us bawl – out of pride, love, and watching our own experiences as Moms flash before our eyes. As I watched their latest commercial in their Olympic series – Kids 2012 – the reality of my own journey as a sports mom pulled at my hearts strings as I sat watching the Opening Ceremonies with my 16 year old son (who was born during the Opening Ceremonies in Atlanta) who is now a High School & Summer League swimmer, my 14 year old daughter who just retired from a life long career as a gymnast and is now embarking on a new journey as a cheerleader, and my 10 year old daughter who swims year round, but loves just about every sport she tries. At that moment I felt blessed, proud, and wanted to stop time!! As much as I love being a sports Mom, I don’t want them to grow up – they will always be little kids to me!

Well played Procter & Gamble.

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Is Your Athlete Ready For Summer Camp?

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Printable Summer Camp Packing List School’s out and summer’s here! Chances are, if you have an athlete, there will be a summer camp of sorts in their future. I know I am going to be spending a large part of my day tomorrow labeling and helping my son get packed for his camp. He will only be gone for 5 days but it sure seems like we have a lot to pack! It will also be his first sleepaway camp and while in year’s past I would have doubted his readiness, this year there is no doubt in my mind he will be fine.

I have collected some great resources and checklists to help you decide if your athlete is ready for an overnight camp and what you need to pack.

Don’t forget to label EVERYTHING! Either invest in some good Sharpie markers or better yet, Mabel’s Labels has a Limited Edition Camp Combo™ that is perfect for labeling everything your child may need at camp.

What other tips do you have for sending kids off to camp?

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