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Lauren Lacrosse

Seven year old Lauren is a goalie in a boys box lacrosse league. Photo courtesy of Marin Independent Journal

“You wish you could play like a girl” is a favorite saying of seven year old Lauren Peavey – a goalie in box lacrosse who has no problem with mixing it up with the boys! The Southern Marin Lacrosse Club does not have a team for Under 9 girls so Lauren plays in the boys league. She was in goal for the league championship game, which they won (7-6).

An article in the Marin Independent Journal highlights the tiny goaltender, how she got started and why she plays:

Starting out as an outdoor field lacrosse player at age 5, Peavey found the more fast-paced and physical box lacrosse more enticing after watching her brother Joshua play at practices.

“I picked it because it looked kind of fun,” Peavey said. “I used to play field lacrosse, but I don’t play anymore because I like box a little bit better.”

Box lacrosse is essentially an indoor version of field lacrosse with a few tweaks. There’s a smaller, box-shaped arena with fewer players (six players per side), smaller nets and goalie creases leading to a quicker-paced game.

According to her parents (who emailed me with the link to the article) Lauren practices one to two days a week and plays lacrosse in fall and winter.

Way to go Lauren! You are an inspiration to girls everywhere for your positive attitude and for finding a way to follow your sports dream.

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Girls Lacrosse T-Shirts

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My niece is really into Lacrosse these days and she is giving my 10 year daughter the bug, too. We were looking for a cute Lacrosse gift to get her and thought she might like a Lacrosse tee. Unfortunately Lacrosse is not quite a mainstream sport yet and you have to hunt for them. We found a few cute Lacrosse shirts:

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One of the sports my older daughter (and my ice hockey playing son) has expressed interest in trying in the future is Lacrosse. I wanted her to get a better idea of what the game was about, how its played, what you need to play and what a game looks like.  I found this video and felt like it did a great job of giving a good overview of the sport.

For more information on girls lacrosse in your area,  check with your local universities, indoor field houses or local parks and rec department or visit the sport’s governing body web site, US Lacrosse.

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