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Olympics Day 2 - Diving

Synchronized diving awarded medals today and unfortunately US divers Kelci Bryant and Ariel Rittenhouse finished right out of the medals. The Chinese team took gold, the Russian pair took silver, and the German team edged out the Americans to take the bronze.

The one thing I was amazed at was the precision of the dives – they really made everything look so easy. It was also interesting to hear that Kelci Bryant took the path of many elite athletes – leaving home to train to achieve her dream.

The divers also had fun visiting the Great Wall of China and there are photos of the girls doing handstands and walking on their hands along the Great Wall (see photos). Its great to see that the athletes are getting the opportunity to take in some of the sights, culture and fun while they are in China.

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Diving Olympic Trials Video Montage

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In putting together a post on the 30 members of the US Olympic Team that are still teenagers for another site, I came across this very cool video montage of the US Divers at their Olympic Trials earlier this summer.

Divers Kelci Bryant (18), Ariel Rittenhouse (17), Haley Ishimatsu and Mary Beth Dunnichay, who are both 15, are some of the youngest athletes at the games.

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Laura Wilkinson
is definitely one of my favorite divers to watch – maybe because she was a gymnast like fellow diver Haley Ishimatsu. This video is a montage of Laura’s best dives from the Olympic Trials.

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