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The Summer Olympics are just over a year away and the buzz around the hopefuls is already starting. AT&T has dedicated part of their AT&T Blueroom site to highlighting athletes on their”Home Turf” – including Olympic hopefuls Nastia Liukin (gymnastics), Marlon Shirley (Track) and Sanya Richards (Track).

AT&T Blueroom

In the Home Turf feature with Nastia Liukin, host Dione Sanders shows up at Liukin house in Texas at 7 am ready to go with Nastia to the WOGA gym at 7:30 am. We get to see part of Nastia’s training and lots of cheesy commentary from Dione himself, but really, the whole thing is very cute and my gymnast daughter loves it. It is almost worth watching just to see the gorgeous house Nastia lives in.

Another feature of the Blueroom is the Behind the Team series. The first episode is on TEAM USA Gymnastics and is called Heart of a Champion. It features some of the more well know faces of USA Gymnastics such as Mary Lou Retton, Marta and Bela Karolyi, John Roethlisberger and gymnasts like Nastia, Jana Bieger, Chelsea Memmel, Shawn Johnson and more.

I’m sure as we get closer to the Olympics we will get to see more athletes in action and more behind the scenes action.


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UK Athletics Kids Zone

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I found a really neat site for kids who love sports today – UK Athletics Kids Zone. The zone is part of the UK Athletics site – the governing body for athletics (that’s track and field for those of us in the US) in the United Kingdom.

UK Athletics Kids Zone

Kids can play games like Long Jump, 200m Spring, and more. There are also screen savers and desktop art to download, athlete profiles, a quiz and more great resources. Check it out today!


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