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Are You RIO Ready?

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The Olympic Games are by far my favorite event every four years!! I watch more TV and sports coverage online in those two weeks than I do during the four years in between the games.

I have LOVED all of the pre-games commercials, but my favorites have to be “Salute” and “That’s My Girl” from NBC Sports!

Such powerful women and amazing role models for girls of all ages!!

USA Gymnastics is so strong it could send three full teams and sweep the medal podium – and the reason why, is the incredible semi-centralized training system that has been created over the past 16 (give or take) years.

So, are you RIO READY? I say let the games begin!!!

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Congratulations USA Women’s Soccer Team

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USA Womens Soccer

Congratulations to the US Women’s Soccer team for their 5-2 win over Japan! The World Champion squad just continued to gain momentum throughout the entire tournament and scored an unprecedented 4 goals in the first 16 minutes of the championship game.

Just like the USA Women’s Team in 1999, this group of world class athletes will inspire another generation of girls to play soccer at all levels. 

Where do you go to get started playing soccer? Check with your local parks and recreation departments, YMCA or JCC, to start. Once your child has experience with soccer and wants to get more field time, there are travel teams, clinics, and soccer camps you can look into.

Looking for USA Women’s Soccer fan gear? My favorite store, Fanatics, has Team USA Women’s Soccer World Champs Gear in youth and adult sizes. Here are a few of my favorite items:

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US Women’s Soccer Team 2015 World Champions Earned Our Stars Tri-Blend T-Shirt – Navy

Nike USA Alex Morgan Youth Home Replica Jersey - White
Nike USA Alex Morgan Youth Home Replica Jersey – White

Have you caught soccer fever yet?

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How to Coach Your Athlete at Home

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Gymnastics Takes BalanceI read an article by Asha Forster Grebenik this week titled “How to Coach Your Gymnast at Home” – it honestly should be required reading for all sports parents – feel free to substitute your child’s sport for the gymnastics references in the post – and for that matter all parents in general! From her post…

Your gymnast does gymnastics at home. All the time. In every room. And you’ve watched enough gymnastics to know that certain things she’s doing are incorrect. So how do you make these corrections at home? You don’t. Let me repeat that. Do. Not. Coach. Your. Child. At. Home. Nothing will make your child’s coach cringe internally more than hearing that you worked on x, y, or z at home. You are not her coach. Don’t do it. Don’t even tell her to point her toes.

As sports parents most of us are guilty of “trying” to help our athlete at home – we think we are helping – we think we know what they need to hear – but guess again. As sports parents our job is to get our kids to practice, support them at meets, keep them fueled, and be their biggest fan. 

So next time you feel the urge to make a correction from the bleachers, in the car or in you own home – STOP – DON”T DO IT. Instead, give your athlete a hug and let her know you are so proud of all her hard work!

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